Online Carnatic Vocal Classes 

Prerequisites to Learn Carnatic Vocal

Carnatic Vocal is the Classical Music of Traditional Southern India. Mastering this Art Form is considered as a privilege and also passed on as an inheritance to the future generations. As very well said by many of our Carnatic Music Maestros – Carnatic Music is one of the divine art forms which is most complex and for understanding it; one needs great Passion, Perseverance & Determination. If you are one such person, we are here to train you to the best!

Practicing Carnatic Music :

One has to understand different Elements of Carnatic Music. Mainly – Ragam (the mode) & Talam (basis of rhythm). All Ragas are based on Swaras. Combination of Ragam & Talam makes several beautiful compositions. These compositions must be rigorously rendered for perfection.

Practice Makes Perfect!  Absolutely!  And there is no alternative for it!

Committed practice is a must for a strong foundation to achieve excellence. We at Saamaveda Music Academy place a great emphasize on mastering the fundamentals.

Saraliswaras / Sarali varasai are said to be the basic building blocks of carnatic music. We emphasize on making a structured routine for all our students to practise the basic lessons in various speeds every day for both Carnatic Vocal & Instrumental Classes which helps them to get better each day. Our rigorous practice sessions help understand Swarastana – the variations of swaras, as well voice training which lay a strong foundation on the Basics of Carnatic Music, both theory as well practical singing.

Our curriculum is structured into different levels for the ease of the students:

  • Carnatic Vocal For Beginners
  • Intermediate Carnatic Vocal
  • Advanced Carnatic Vocal

Our Music Teachers will guide the students on the practice required for each level. Once the students get thorough with a Level, they can move to the next level. We usually conduct mock tests to understand their expertise at each level.

We provide special training for the students appearing for Government certificate & diploma Exams for both Carnatic Vocal & Violin. Though we cover all the Government Music Schools Syllabus, Our prominence is Potti Sriramulu Telugu University Music examination syllabus, as most of our students belong there.

Printed material/ Notes will be provided for all the students. Our Teachers will guide you on the examination pattern and the reference books.

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