Welcome to Saamaveda Carnatic Classical Music Academy. One of the best-rated Online Music Schools. We appreciate your search and passion for Learning Indian Carnatic Classical Music Online.

A few details about our Online Music Academy and our Principles:

We hold 21 yrs of experience in training students in both online and offline modes of music, especially Carnatic Vocal & Instrumental Music through our structured online classes. Our Online Carnatic Instrumental Courses include:

Click on each of the Instrumental Music Courses to view detailed information.

Learn Music Classes Online anytime, from anywhere in the world is one of the best opportunities for the present generation. Time gives everyone an equal opportunity to succeed. Plan and invest TIME in the right way to get benefited from our personalized/1-to -1Online Music Classes and Group Music Classes.

A famous quote by Sir William Chapman reads – “A great future doesn’t require a great past” and We, The team of Saamaveda Music Academy believe in it strongly.

Don’t worry if you are a BEGINNER. You just need a right start. Learning mixed with a purpose, persistence, and a strong desire, we promise to train you beyond your capabilities with our structured curriculum & strict practice patterns.

All our music teachers are highly qualified, committed to excellence with focused effort. Learning Carnatic music from Saamaveda Music Academy through Carnatic Vocal classes or Carnatic Instrumental Classes could be one of the best choices that you have ever made! We motivate our students to best utilize their capabilities and realize their potential.

What makes us the best place to Learn Indian Classical Music?

Beyond Training, Practice matters in Capability Building – The mantra we strongly believe in

Our Online Music Classes are highly structured to Bridge the Capability Gap. Rigorous Voice Exercises, Identification of Swara Sthanas, Different Raga identification methods and techniques, practicing in all 4 Speeds, fragmenting the notations to get to know about it in minor detail, prioritizing each element of the composition and the way they interconnect, and more detailed study about each of these. The Academy is committed to giving deep-rooted knowledge, taking responsibility for student progress to transform them into better Musicians.

We challenge our-self when we say –”Our Online Music Classes hold a specialty!” and our privilege is Our Best Carnatic Music Tutors.

They are not just highly qualified tutors with experience. We hire our Carnatic Vocal & Instrumental Music Tutors who are genuinely enthusiastic, committed, and passionate about the subject as well as sharing the knowledge. Each of our tutors understands the values of the fundamentals, student capabilities and hence devote their time to help each student focus on their goals. Many of our students are now Professional Music Tutors, Music Diploma Holders, and Certified in government examinations.

Besides taking the advantage of Nontraditional ways of teaching Music through different online sources, we are keen to hook to the roots of the traditional methods of Learning and so our roots remain unchanged.

We suggest all our new, existing students utilize this time and opportunity that the pandemic has created, to pursue any of the courses through our specially focused Online Vocal & Instrumental Music Classes.

When you learn any ART form by Heart & Soul, it is no less to Worshipping God.

Realize that it is not a race, and every student has their own pace.

Are there any Special Carnatic Music Classes for Kids or Adults?

Tyagarajakritis, Annamacharyasankeerthanas, Carnatic vocal, Hindustani vocal, Bhajans, Semi-classical, and Light music are a few of our special courses. Kids/Adults can enroll in any of these Online Music Classes. These courses need no special musical knowledge.

We are one of the Best Online Music academies for both Online Carnatic Vocal Music Classes as well as Online Carnatic Instrumental Classes. Please don’t hesitate to check out our student testimonials before you consider us.

Also, you can enroll in our free demo to experience the quality of our Online Music Classes.

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