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Why kids should learn Carnatic music

Carnatic classical music is Therapeutic

Indian Carnatic Classical Music is one of the subgenre of Indian Classical music that has been proved scientifically to combat negative feelings like fear, anxiety, pain and depression. Carnatic Music - a divine art form is passed as an inheritance from generations in the Traditional South Indian families. Carnatic Classical Music has several curative properties on body and mind. For ages it’s been used as a therapeutic tool to heal various physical and emotional disorders..

Several music therapists claim that, Music when used as a complimentary therapy with the regular authorised treatments has proven to be more effective for the stress prone and lifestyle diseases like Heart ailments, Diabetes, Thyroid disorders, as it has the ability to relax and ease the state of mind.

Why should Kids Learn Carnatic Music?

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We at Saamaveda Music Academy believe in building qualities of 4C’s among our students, the foundation for a strong character & personality.

Compassion –To build Patience, Kindness & Understanding
Coordination – To Collaborate & work together in groups
Considerate – For being Attentive & Mindful
Confidence – For a strong Self belief

“Music for Children”

Music for Children creates a positive environment for a deep understanding of our cultural inheritance.

We guide our students to understand and respect their goals, mould their abilities for self accomplishments. Beyond carnatic classical music training, our online group classes also focus to build perseverance through consistent practice, coordinate and respect each other’s abilities in our learning community.

We understand that everyone have a different ability! And everyone’s training needs are different!
Our Carnatic Music Tutors are very well trained to focus on each individual needs. Kids need special attention while teaching/practising.
Benefits of Learning Carnatic Vocal & Instrumental Music:
For a strong Self belief
Sharpens Brain functions
Improved Focus & Concentration through repetitive learning
-Consistence practice, makes them more disciplined
Organised thoughts and Balanced mind
Improves Social, Cognitive & Communication Skills
Develops Motor Skills, Improves Hand & Eye Co-ordination
-Self Confidence with Group Interactions and Fun Learning
Develops Vocal chords for Voice culture
Improves Pronunciation & Quality of speech
Understanding of our Culture inheritance through various songs.

Many students Learning Carnatic Music experience a sense of connection with Indian Culture & its Tradition. Brain functioning plays a vital role in rendering as well recognising different ragas and compositions. Instrumental music demand skills that develop hand, eye and brain coordination that requires attention, discipline, patience and perseverance. Singing different ragas involves different breathing techniques.

Saamaveda Music Academy, one of the Best Online Carnatic Music Schools is highly rated for its Professional Music Teachers and their teaching methodologies.All our Carnatic Music Teachers are well versed with the training techniques that emphasis on Sruthi, Talam and identifying Ragas in the preliminary stages of the course for a strong foundation.

You can determine the quality of our online music class with a Free Demo.

Spreading the Joy of Carnatic Music preserves our culture for future generations & We aim for it!