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Saamaveda Music Academy is one of the pioneers in teaching different Carnatic Music Courses both in offline and online modes for the past 21 years. Our music tutors focus on structured training for all age groups effectively and efficiently. Our teaching methodologies are objective, outcome - driven and hence all our students are well trained and motivated to the finest to achieve higher results.

TIME is precious.
One must spend it wisely and productively.

We always provide them with learning material and recorded lessons to revise, listen and learn at their comfort before the next class. This benefits students' in learning attentively and optimise their time. These online videos assist students in practising at their pace.

Our founder Mr Migada Venkat has established Saamaveda Music Academy and Saamaveda Digital Audio Recording Studio with a deep-rooted desire to spread the knowledge of Carnatic music to all the future generations and music enthusiasts. He determines to nourish the talents by making a difference in teaching and wish for a stress- free, pleasant and Joyful learning experience. Relating to that, lately, the academy has aimed to provide high-quality audio recordings for all the Carnatic music enthusiasts. These recordings are available on Saamaveda Music Academy Youtube Channel, under “Carnatic Music Beginner Course” and “Carnatic Music Intermediate Course” labels. These Carnatic Vocal videos and audio podcasts are designed as “Repeat After Me” modules. These modules highlight the importance of repetition, which is proven to improve brain activity and increase engagement in students.

Importance of Repetitive Practice in our founder’s words:

“During those days, we had limited availability of these resources. At times, we had to wait for weeks for any clarifications or to repeat any lesson. All the expertise during those days has happened only through a strong desire for accomplishment, Patience and high perseverance. It was hours and hours together of practise. We all had only just one mantra

REPEAT! REPEAT! REPEAT! - REPEAT until Perfection.

Technology has made resources available to every corner of the world at a very minimal cost. That’s really wonderful! We will try utmost to enhance the skills of the Carnatic music enthusiasts using this technology as a tool by making it simple for them.

“Amateurs practice until they get it right. Professionals practice until they can’t get it wrong.”

We wish to reach out to every home through our Carnatic Music Practice Videos, and other social media platforms to create awareness on singing daily and Impact of daily singing for a powerful and peaceful mind. We strongly wish to inculcate the habit of Pooja Vidhanam, Sloka Patanam and Strotram Recitation to all children and elders. Besides creating positive environment, we aim to create a deeper understanding of our cultural inheritance.

We have a plan of action to achieve this goal under different projects categorised specifically for different people, and for all age groups.”

Few of our current “Anyone Can Sing “Projects are:
1.Devotional Project 1 – Prathi Nota Annamayya Paata
Level 1–Most Popular Annamacharya Sankeerthanalu .
Level 2 – Rare Annamacharya Sankeerthanalu
Level 3 – Other Devotional Songs / Annamayya Paatalu
Level 4 – Folk Devotional / Jaanapada Geyalu
2.Devotional Project 2 – Tyagaraja Kritis
3.Devotional Project 3 – Slokas and Strotra Patanam with Meanings (For both children, elders)
1.–Lalitha Sahasranamam Strotram
2.–Vishnu Sahasranamam Strotram
3.–Kanakadhara Strotram
4.–Ashta Lakshmi Strotam
5.–Kaala Bhairava ashtakam
6.–Lingastakam, Guru Paaduka Strotram and more
4.Devotional Project 3 – Telugu Bhajans/ Telugu Bhajana Paatalu
Level 1–Popular Telugu Bhajans.
Level 2 – Rare Telugu Bhajans
5.Semi Classical Songs – Telugu Harathi Paatlu, Pelli Paatalu, Festival Songs / Telugu panduga paatlu
Lullaby Songs for all age groups - : Telugu Laali Paatalu Level 1
Level 1–Telugu Laali Paatalu Level 2
6.Semi Classical Songs – Telugu Harathi Paatlu, Pelli Paatalu, Festival Songs / Telugu panduga paatlu
Light Music Songs
Level 1–Popular Telugu Light Music Songs
Level 2–Rare Telugu Light Music Songs
These course videos comprise of several modules at beginner and intermediate level, such as:
  • Sarali Swaras
  • Taggusthayi Varase
  • Janta Swaras
  • Dhaatu Varase
  • Taarasthaayi Varase
  • Alankaaras
  • Pillari Geethams and
  • Geethaams

These Carnatic music practice tutorials are a kind of self-help or self-practice tutorials that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. These Carnatic Music Youtube tutorials are very informative and easy to practise. Along with the notation, each video also demonstrates the details like Angas, Kriyas, Thalam – Laghuvu, Dhrutham and Ragam. For a pleasant hearing and learning experience, each “sing after me” video is recorded along with instruments. Instrumental music assistance is given by many famous artists associated with us. All the recordings are done at our own Digital Recording Studio.

Checkout this finely tuned Saptha Thala Alankara Lesson to understand the above said:

Carnatic Music Lessons for Beginners – Swarajathi - Rara Venu Gopabala

All these videos are designed considering different elements that lay a strong foundation on the basics of Carnatic music theoretically, Practically. The academy has aimed to launch these “Carnatic Music for Beginners Course” recordings one after another within scheduled timelines.

We are delighted to share a few of our video links here.

Click the links below for Sarali Swaras Practice Lessons for Beginners.

1.Carnatic Music Lessons for Beginners | Sarali Swaras Lessons 1 to 3

2.Carnatic Music Lessons for Beginners | Listen and Learn Sarali Swaras Lessons 4 to 6

3.Carnatic Music Lessons for Beginners | Listen and Learn Sarali Swaras Lessons 7 to 9

4.Carnatic Music Lessons for Beginners | Listen and Learn Sarali Swaras Lessons 10 & 11

5.Carnatic Music Lessons for Beginners | Listen and Learn Sarali Swaras Lessons 12 & 13

6.Saptha Thala Alankaras Lesson 1 | Dhruva Thalam Music Course

6.Saptha Thala Alankaras Lesson 3 | Rupaka Thalam Music Course

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